Urban Collection

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Our Urban Collection of solid hardwood floors is the real thing – solid, real wood all the way through, not just on the surface. Solid wood is naturally superior to engineered floor boards, you only have to walk on it to feel the difference and contrary to a commonly held belief, our solid hardwood floors are ideal for use over underfloor heating. Working with the Underfloor Heating Association as well as leading manufacturers for the past 40 years, we led the development of using UFH with wooden floors. Our Technical Team have the latest research results at hand and can help with any project, large or small.

Why Choose an Urban Collection Floor?

  • Solid hardwood throughout each plank – we don’t engineer out the quality with something lightweight and chelp
  • Competitive on price – the same or even less than an engineered floor
  • Ideal for use with underfloor heating – our pre-finished stable floors have been tried and tested for over 40 years
  • 100% certified hardwood – some engineered boards are only able to certify the softwood inner cores
  • Manufactured in Denmark to the highest standard
  • Quick easy and dependable to install and will last a lifetime

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Nordic Oak Harmony white kitchen low res Junckers Oak variation in open plan living room 2 low res

Junckers Oak variation in open plan living room 1 low res Junckers Soul Collection Spicy Pepper in bedroom

Pale Wooden Floors – a Strong Trend for 2015

Junckers White Oiled Single Stave Blocks, basket weave 1 low res_edited-1  Junckers White Oiled Single Stave Blocks, basket weave 3 low res

Oak has long been the most popular timber used for flooring in the UK but in the last twelve months there has been a steadily growing demand for our Nordic Oak, which is now at the point of eclipsing Oak from its place at the helm.

Junckers Nordic treatment adds interest to the colouration and graining of the Oak and dons a contemporary twist to our trusted old favourite – a perfect backdrop to interior design trends. From art galleries to public libraries and even gyms, architects are specifying more and more Nordic Oak to achieve a pale finish which reflects a lot of natural light.

Subtly treated with a white-pigmented stain and sealed with Junckers Ultra Matt Lacquer, Nordic Oak is a beautiful and hard-wearing product that comes pre-finished and is ideal for use with underfloor heating as our solid hardwood floors are naturally stable and have a low moisture content. Our Rustic White Oil (seen above applied to Single Stave Blocks in Oak) is also proving popular. Simply add more coats for a paler finish, then seal with one of our water based lacquers for a durable finish.

Junckers is committed to sustainable forestry and the company is both FSC and PEFC certified.

Junckers Scandinavian Nature Frosted White (detail) low res  Junckers Nordic Oak close up (table) low res

Junckers White Oiled Single Stave Blocks, basket weave (detail) low res  Junckers Ash with PreLak White (dog) low resJunckers Saw Mill Oak room shot low res

Keeping It Safe

 By Richard Aylen, Technical Services Manager, Junckers Ltd

Junckers Black Oak + Desert Gold at Ideal Bar, Vega, Copenhagen low res

In the last ten years, we have seen much more work on how to ensure flooring is safe to use, especially in terms of reducing slipping. In the last twenty years, the popularity of wooden flooring products has soared. The hard and smooth surface lends itself to high-traffic areas and it is the flooring material of choice for everything from high profile, public buildings to high design commercial installations such as galleries, hotels, bars and restaurants. Making sure the intended flooring surface is safe is one of the most important factors for specifiers, especially for public and commercial spaces.

Safety flooring is required in areas which will be subjected to spillage/contamination as a matter of routine, as opposed to the occasional accident. There are two basic perameters when assessing the safety of a floor: ‘low potential for slip in the dry’ and ‘high potential for slip in the wet’. For a commercial business, we advise a risk assessment on how spillages/contamination would be handled. For example, in areas where food is being served and handled, possibly not wiped up straight away, there would be a need for a slip resistant surface. On the other hand, in a main dining area, where people are seated and the risk of spillage is first of all reduced and secondly, much more likely to be removed immediately, a normal floor finish would be fine. To a large extent, working practices will guide which surface finish is needed.

When specifying flooring with safety in mind, options such as carpet or laminate wood flooring would not be obvious choices. Carpets are not a common choice in areas where contamination/spillage is likely because of difficulties with cleaning and there is no possibility of adding any kind of coating to laminate floors to improve slip resistance. With a solid hardwood floor on the other hand, there is now a way to make them slip resistant, even in wet areas. For some time, the flooring industry was not able to give true wet slip protection to wooden flooring in a way that was easy to apply.

With most wooden floors, the slip resistance is fine in dry conditions and gives a low potential for slip. However, in an area where liquid spills are possible, such as a bar or restaurant, the floor can have a high potential for slip. Junckers started to investigate the introduction of a new, easy to apply product that would meet demand as far back as 2005. The company had envisaged the requirement for a product that would be simple to use and effective in reducing the possibilities of slips from wet spillage on any type of wooden floor. Two years later, a new lacquer that could easily be applied over existing and newly-laid wooden floors whether pre-finished, untreated or machine sanded. The product was tested to BS7976-2 standard to meet the guidelines and the result was Junckers High Performance Friction Plus.

This low-odour, very hard-wearing water based 100% pure polyurethane lacquer provides the high levels of slip resistance needed for a safe floor where spillages are probable. It gives the floor a fine, textured surface, which meets the surface roughness requirements needed for reducing slippage in wet conditions, yet, is still easy to clean. We are confident it is an effective, fast solution for environments such as bars, restaurants and pubs. This is why Junckers now has a policy to recommend to all clients, specifiers, flooring and building contractors that all flooring installed in commercial areas where spillages may occur and cannot be managed, should consider that an extra  site-applied coat of this seal to ensure customers’ floors meet the required regulations.

Junckers Friction Plus lacquer has proved one of our most successful seals and members of our Approved Contractors network and flooring contractors all over the UK have quickly realised its efficiency and ease of use to be able to offer their clients a safe floor, where needed. Recent projects include a bar and assembly hall in Hackney Town Hall, London, the main ticket office at Aberdeen train station, the restaurant and social area at Yell.com’s new head office facilities in Reading as well as several hundred square metres at Gatwick Airport.

An important point to keep in mind is not all floors need to be treated as safety floors. It is imperative to properly assess where a slip resistant finish is required and where not – otherwise all our buildings would contain a safety floor, ‘just in case’! Not all smooth/hard floors are to be considered safety floors, the individual environment and how spillage/contamination is managed should always be taken into consideration. Some floors may score well without the need for an extra coating – for example, our standard, factory applied UltraMatt lacquer achieves a low potential for slip, both in its wet and dry states, without the need for High Performance Friction Plus. If a business can manage spillages, i.e. if they can be removed, there may be no need for a slip resistant seal. Management issues should also be assessed in terms of how quickly spillages/contamination can be removed – one spillage left all day may be more dangerous than ten spillages all removed straight away. Good, old fashioned common sense goes a long way, in my humble opinion and using the knowledge and expertise of an experienced flooring contractor will mean our floors will remain safe – whether wet or dry!

Junckers Jarrah at Wigmore Hall restaurant (main shot) low res Junckers Jarrah in Wigmore Hall restaurant low res Junckers Jarrah at Wigmore Hall restaurant - close up low res

Ai Fornai Restaurant

Back To School!

It’s that time of year again – even though some of us have long since left our school years behind, there’s something comforting in the return to routines and the re-focus a new academic year brings. To celebrate, we’re showing you some examples of our floors in schools as well as some important points pertinent to the Education sector we are often asked about.

Junckers at Bushbury Hill CE primary school Photo-Architype low res

Junckers multi-use floor at Bushbury Hill CE Primary School, photo: Architype

Safety – about a third of all indoor sports injuries can be traced back to the properties of the floor, a responsibility no educational facility would like to shoulder. Our solid hardwood flooring systems provide the correct resilience, shock absorption and friction characteristics for the ultimate level of performance, comfort and above all, safety.

Caring For The Environment – all our floors are FSC and PEFC certified and our manufacturing process uses 100% of the wood, making us a CO2 positive company.

Standards – All floors used for sports, performance and dance have to adhere to the BSEN 14904 standard, in accordance with government legislation. All Junckers sports flooring systems fully conform to this standard and are BB compliant.

Choice – our factory finished, solid hardwood boards are ready for use as soon as they’re fitted. There is an increasing demand for darker floors, particularly in dance and performance studios – our Black Oak is the perfect choice here. We also offer a wide range of colours and finishes, ranging from bright red to pearlised silver tones.

Retractable seating – our floors are designed to accommodate normal foot loadings but often extra loads such as retractable seating are installed onto our floors. This can require special solutions, including reinforcement. Our Technical Department are very experienced and on hand to help – please contact them on tel 01376 534 720 or email Richard raylen@junckers.co.uk

Maintenance and Lifecycle Costs – A solid hardwood sports floor and undercarriage system will last for many years to come with the correct care and maintenance. Our floors are designed for easy and efficient maintenance throughout their life and we can guarantee a floor for 25 years through our Approved Contractor Scheme, making a Junckers floor a very competitive option.

For more information on flooring for the Education sector or any other questions, please contact enquiries@junckers.co.uk

Junckers at Central School of Speech & Drama high res to email cropped low res

Junckers premium sports flooring system at Central School of Speech & Drama, Jestico + Whiles Architects

Junckers at St Marylebone School for Girls low res

Junckers sports floor at St Marylebone School For Girls, Gumuchdjian Architects

The Lighthouse Young Peoples Centre, Newtown, Birmingham, England

Junckers sports flooring system at MyPlace, Aston, Associated Architects

Yarm-280113-161 Yarm--280113-142


Junckers Nordic Oak (with rectractable seating) at Yarm School, Associated Architects

Junckers Jarrah at University of Essex (4) cropped low res Junckers Jarrah at University of Essex (09) low res Junckers Jarrah at University of Essex (13) low res

Junckers Jarrah (with rectractable seating in lecture theatre) at University of Essex

Where it all happens!

Our factory in Koge just outside Copenhagen in Denmark is busy manufacturing solid hardwood floors for projects all over the world. Our manufacturing process uses 100% of the wood and by-products such as bark, chippings and sawdust are used to fuel the on-site power plant as well as providing electricity for the Danish national grid, a process initially devised by Flemming Juncker, the founder of Junckers. Here’s a peak into how we go from this:

Junckers factory Koge Denmark - logs (1)

to this:

Junckers Black Oak Boulevard - living room (cropped)

Junckers factory Denmark 18 low res

Junckers factory Koge Denmark - logs (2)

Junckers factory Denmark 20 low res

Junckers factory Denmark 10 low res

Junckers factory Denmark 12 low res

Junckers factory Denmark 14 low res

Junckers factory Denmark 7 low res

Junckers factory Denmark 16 low res

Junckers factory Denmark 6 low res

Junckers factory Denmark 2 low res

Junckers factory Denmark 15 low res

The Higgins Bedford

750m² of our solid Wide Board Oak floor has been installed throughout the newly redeveloped The Higgins Bedford.  The £5.8M project, funded in part by Bedford Borough Council and the Heritage Lottery fund, has joined together three previously separate buildings into a new, fully renovated facility, which apart from the existing art gallery and museum now includes space for temporary exhibitions as well as for learning and activities, a café and a shop.

The floor serves as a unifying element to the new interior and acts as an elegant backdrop to the collections and exhibits. Solid hardwood floors are a good choice for a museum/gallery space as they’re easy to maintain and very hard wearing, even in high traffic areas open to the public. What’s more, as it was installed by Junckers’ Approved Contractor PICA Floorings, this floor is guaranteed for 25 years.

Junckers Wide Board Oak at The Higgins 1 low res   Junckers Wide Board Oak at The Higgins 4 low res Junckers Wide Board Oak at The Higgins 5 low res   Junckers Wide Board Oak at The Higgins 7 low res

Junckers Wide Board Oak at The Higgins 2 low res Junckers Wide Board Oak at The Higgins low res

Photography: Jake Fitzjones

Workplace Revolution

The office buildings of generations past are old hat. The new model workplace should inspire creativity and effectiveness,  through a well designed,  carefully thought out space. As many leading organisations know, a well designed workplace inspires performance, innovation and builds a healthy environment. In order to facilitate communication between employees and help incubate ideas, the new workplace incorporates collaborative work spaces and informal areas throughout the office environment, giving employees a range of options for when, where and how to work. This way of working helps employees engage and lets them tailor their space, time and tools to suit their changing needs and work models. The importance of configuration and use of space is paramount to the new workplace, as is the interior design scheme – stylish, thought provoking, inspirational, using a mix of materials, colours and textures. Wood is very often part of the scheme, on both floors and walls, adding natural warmth to a space. Here are some examples from London based architectural design practice MoreySmith:

Morey Smith Sony Music offices Morey Smith Sony Music Paris MoreySmith asos offices 2 MoreySmith asos offices MoreySmith RedBull offices  2 MoreySmith RedBull offices

All images from www.moreysmith.com