PE & Sport Premium For Primary Schools- How Best To Spend It

Junckers at St Marylebone School for Girls midThe Department for Education has released details of the PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools, how much funding schools receive in the academic year 2017 to 2018 including advice on how to spend it. Most primary schools, including schools maintained by the local authority, academies, free schools, special schools and non-maintained schools, receive funding based on the number of pupils who attend the school. With the second payment due in March or April depending on the type of school, head teachers, heads of department, business managers and bursars are having to make decisions on how best to spend their allocated funding.

The DfE has issued guidelines on how schools have to use the and sport premium stating: “Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport you offer.”  The premium should be used to develop or enhance current facilities to build capacity and capability in the long term. Ofsted will be assessing how schools use the premium and a full breakdown of how the funding was spent must be published. Schools are expected to increase sport engagement and offer a broader range of sports and activities – children and young people aged 5 to 18 should engage in a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity a day, of which 30 minutes should be in schools. The starting point for good PE and sports provision is providing excellent facilities, starting with good quality, safe sports floor.

Many older activity floors in primary schools may have safety and performance levels which are significantly below what is currently recommended for use in schools. A multi-use sports floor system from Junckers complies with the European EN 14904 standard for both Category A3 and A4 systems, exceeding Sport England’s minimum performance requirement, combining safety with outstanding ball response and ease of installation. A new sports floor may be more of an investment, but when you consider that the lifecycle costs of a Junckers floor are second to none, it soon becomes clear it is money well spent. A Junckers solid hardwood sports floor can be sanded and re-finished eight to ten times during its life therefore a typical lifespan of 60 years will comfortably be exceeded. In the past 12 months, on the recommendation of Sport England, the Education and Skills Funding Agency has changed its specification guideline for Affordable Sports Flooring to include Area Elastic Floors (solid hardwood, fully sprung floors) only, having identified Point Elastic Floors (e.g. vinyl flooring) as inadequate.

Another option to improve existing facilities would be to refurbish the existing sports floor; a relatively quick and easy way to make a big improvement and with new methods available, it is possible to undertake the work during term time. Through Junckers’ network of Approved Maintenance Contractors, a 25-year warranty programme is available, which takes care of all floor maintenance and ensures your sports facility will keep its good looks and superior performance in excess of 60 years. Our sports floors are being put to good use on a daily basis in thousands of schools, a sheer testament to their quality and performance – money well spent!

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Professional Sports Flooring System For World Class Sports Centre

Oriam is Scotland’s new state of the art Sports Performance Centre, designed to provide Scotland’s top sportsmen and women the state of the art facilities for training and development. The impressive centre includes an outdoor synthetic pitch, five outdoor football and two rugby pitches, a full size indoor 3G pitch, a fitness suite, a cafe, world class facilities for sports science and medicine plus a twelve court sports hall, with our Premium Sports Flooring System.

Junckers Professional Sports Flooring at Oriam Photo: Broaddaylight

Over 1750m2 our professional sports flooring was specified by architects Reaich & Hall. The building, which features a striking roof the shape of a long-range free kick by Brazilian footballer Roberto Carlos, is located with the campus of Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

The new state of the art building provides Scotland’s top athletes with world-class facilities for training and competing and offers extensive access to the local community. The 32x45m main sports hall features Junckers’ SylvaSport Premium fitted over UnoBat 45 undercarriage system, providing a high performing, high quality and safe flooring surface suitable for a multitude of different sports. All Junckers’ sports floors are area elastic and conform to the European standard EN 14904.  The flooring contractor was Courtcraft.

Junckers Launches The Leveldek System – Solid Hardwood Floors + Underfloor Heating From A Single Point Of Supply

Traditionally, timber floor finishes and heating systems are specified separately and supplied and installed by different companies. Junckers Leveldek offers a versatile levelling system, underfloor heating and a solid hardwood floor finish from a single point of supply.

We have teamed up with one of the main heating component manufacturers to offer a combined solid hardwood floor and heating system which achieves the best fit in terms of ease of installation and efficiency.

The Junckers Leveldek system is a fully integrated solid hardwood floor and heating system. Any of the 22mm or 20.5mm thick floor boards from our full range of finishes may be used, so there is a floor to suit any taste and style of interior.

Junckers hardwood floors have for many years been recognised as the only solid hardwood floors which are so stable that they are guaranteed for use with underfloor heating. This is something that architects, the flooring and heating industries have known for the last 30 years or so. It is fair to say that almost any type of underfloor heating may be used with Junckers floors. However, heating designs vary enormously with different ways of supporting the pipes and insulating the floor, and careful planning is needed when coordinating heating and flooring trades on site. There can also be some significant efficiency and running cost differences between one system and another.

Energy Efficiency and Fast Warm Up

A Junckers Leveldek floor system is able to achieve the greatest energy efficiency and fastest warm-up time because of the unique way the heating pipes
are supported directly beneath the floor boards. The heating panels are insulated and reinforced, and have aluminium heat diffusion plates. They are pushed upwards against
the underside of the floor boards by the support saddles and this close contact gives the best heat output possible. This also means that the Leveldek heating pipes cannot sag or move, so the heating will give the same reliable efficiency for its whole life. The design of the Leveldek system means that the response time and heat output can be calculated accurately, so the heating engineer can be sure that the predicted performance will be what the client will actually get.

The heating panels and battens are supported above the subfloor, therefore it is very easy to include other services beneath the floor prior to installation of the hardwood floor boards.
 Junckers Leveldek works perfectly when a sprung floor is needed because the heating panels will flex along with the whole floor system.

Leveldek – Many Solutions in One

There are many ways the Junckers Leveldek system can be used. It is based upon one of Junckers’ established levelling systems, so the subfloor can be a screed, concrete slab, block and beam or other type of base; flat or not. This makes it perfect for residential and non-residential new build as well as refurbishment projects.  When used with solid SylvaSport beech flooring, the system provides a sprung floor to EN 14904, which means that it is suitable for sports, dance and activity halls and meets the requirements or Sport England and Sport Scotland.

Environment and Sustainability Considered

As well as providing an energy efficient heating system the materials which are used for Junckers floors are from sustainable certified sources, are fully recyclable and manufactured to the highest environmental standards. Even the energy which is used to power the flooring factory is produced from waste wood from flooring manufacture.

Fully Guaranteed

Our long experience and unique reputation means we are able to offer a full guarantee for the system under the Junckers Lifetime Warranty Scheme with a 25-year guarantee for the flooring and installation, 10 years for the heating pipes and insulated panels and 2 years for all electronic components.


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AJ Retrofit of the Year 2017 Features Junckers Flooring

A listed church hall in Burford, Oxfordshire, extended and restored in a £3.2 million upgrade by Acanthus Clews Architects, has won Retrofit of the Year 2017 in The Architects Journal Retrofit Awards. Environmental and financial sustainability were of paramount importance to the church with traditional materials used throughout the building. To fully meet the sustainability criteria, our FSC and PEFC accredited solid wood floor were specified for the two hall spaces. The choice fell on grey-tinted Oak Boulevard Golden Pearl floors with a plank width of 185mm to complement the new interior spaces.

Our solid oak floors are durable and hardwearing enough to meet the demands of a busy community and church hall. With a typical 60-year lifespan, a Junckers floor has incredibly low lifecycle costs and will serve this new community space for many years to come. The flooring contractor was MK Flooring.

All images courtesy of Acanthus Clews.

Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews
Image: Acanthus Clews

Junckers Launches Vinyl Sports Floor Systems

We are happy to announce we are launching a new range of vinyl sports floor systems to sit alongside our flagship collection of solid hardwood floors.

In the UK, Junckers has become a by-word for high quality sports and activity floor systems, and for providing the technical and customer support needed to make every new Junckers floor one that the installer and client will be proud of. As part of our continuous work to develop new products and constantly improve the ability to offer customers a broader choice of floor systems, we have developed a range of vinyl sports and activity floors, based upon the established success of our undercarriage systems.

We have has made the decision to launch a product range which has traditionally been a competitor for its long-established solid hardwood sports floor range after discovering that the range and types of undercarriage being offered appear so limited, even from the larger players in the market. With an established high-performance product, which fulfils all criteria, we are able to offer clients and developers something that is a step up from sub-flooring systems currently on the market.

For many clients, solid hardwood can be the best option – because of its unbeatable life cycle costs, which is always a high priority for sports halls, better environmental credentials, durability, repairability and versatility, retractable seating etc. But some customers prefer vinyl floors, perhaps based upon their past experience, and because they are used to it they feel more comfortable sticking with it. From autumn 2017, we are offering our customers a choice with the launch of our new vinyl sports floor systems.

The EFA (Education Funding Agency) who is responsible for setting the design standards for all school construction in England and Wales, has moved away from accepting “Point Elastic” vinyl floor systems so “stuck to screed” vinyl floors are becoming less favourable and are not really the best surface to play sport or dance on. This means that there is a stronger focus upon Area and Combined elastic floors, which usually require a “sprung” undercarriage, needing a little more expertise to design, manufacture and install. This is not always an area where existing vinyl floor system suppliers excel, but design and manufacture of sports undercarriages has been in our DNA for decades. Being able to combine some of the best undercarriage systems currently available with a vinyl finish means we are able to offer a product which is far superior to vinyl glued to screed.

One of our main strengths is the variety of undercarriage systems we offer. Not only do these give different “sprung” performance characteristics with some suited to basketball, others for dance etc., thanks to experience and technical expertise we are also able to take care of the less glamorous aspects of the installation, such as dealing with uneven sub floors or those where there may be drying out problems. Junckers’ floors are all tested and certified to EN 14904, category A3, A4 or C3. In addition, our own in-house testing and development centre assess the wider aspects of the floor’s performance such as point load bearing ability and lifespan issues such as fatigue testing.

Our new vinyl floor systems are aimed at the education sector, sports halls, leisure centres and dance and fitness centres. When it comes to installation, vinyl floor customers have the same assurances that they currently have with Junckers solid hardwood floors because there is a network of fully trained Junckers Approved Installers on hand to make sure that the floor will be fitted properly.

For more information on our new Vinyl Sports Floor Systems, please contact or telephone +44 (0)1376 534 700

Junckers Vinyl Sports Floor System 1 mid
Junckers New Vinyl Sports Floor Systems
Junckers Vinyl Sports Floor System 2
Junckers New Vinyl Sports Floor Systems
Junckers Vinyl Sports Floor System 3
Junckers New Vinyl Sports Floor Systems


Solid Oak Floor for Award Winning College Campus

Riverside Campus at City of Glasgow College has won a multitude of architectural awards for its outstanding design. Home to the world-leading Maritime College, the new building features a grand atrium where Junckers 22mm Oak Harmony finished in Ultramatt lacquer was specified for the expansive staircase and walkway.

Designed in a joint venture between Reiach and Hall Architects and Michael Laird Architects, the building is BREEAM ‘Excellent’ with many innovative on-site energy generation measures. Junckers solid hardwood flooring is made from renewable, sustainable forests and the entire manufacturing process is powered by Junckers’ own on-site power plant, which uses the residual wood of the forested timber. The Oak Harmony floor adds natural warmth to the large, open space and provides a hardwearing surface for a busy college environment. The flooring contractor was McKay Flooring.

Junckers floor at Riverside Campus, City of Glasgow College (1)
Junckers 22mm Oak Harmony flooring at Riverside Campus, City of Glasgow College Photo: Keith Hunter Photography
Junckers floor at Riverside Campus, City of Glasgow College (3)
Junckers 22mm Oak Harmony flooring at Riverside Campus, City of Glasgow College Photo: Keith Hunter Photography
Junckers floor at Riverside Campus, City of Glasgow College 2)
Junckers 22mm Oak Harmony flooring at Riverside Campus, City of Glasgow College Photo: Keith Hunter Photography

A New Parquet Floor From Junckers

Hexparket by CarpEnter CPH & Hartmann is a new parquet floor from Junckers. Hexagonal staves made in solid oak are laid to form an intricate design mimicking nature’s own geometric pattern based on equilateral triangles. Made in 100% solid hardwood oak, the staves measure 370mm on all sides by 20.5mm thick. The staves have a groove on each side and an accompanying loose tongue is used in the installation process.

Hexparket is delivered with an untreated surface to be finished on site with either a lacquer or oil. Made in Junckers’ most popular timber grade, Harmony, the floor has a natural appearance, few knots and some colour and structural graining variation between the individual tiles. Oak is a hardwood species characterised by being hardwearing and is therefore very suitable for flooring. The wood has a warm and golden glow, an interesting grain structure and over time the natural ageing gives the wood an authentic appearance. The graphic look and clean, sharp lines of the new Hexparket is perfectly counter balanced by natural beauty and texture of the timber, resulting in a lively, elegant floor.

sq Junckers Hexparket by Carpenter CPH & Hartmann (chair-landscape) low res
Junckers new Hexparket by CarpEnter CPH & Hartmann Photo: Tia Borgsmidt Styling: Mette Helena Rasmussen
sq Junckers Hexparket by Carpenter CPH & Hartmann (desk-close up) low res
Junckers new Hexparket by CarpEnter CPH & Hartmann Photo: Tia Borgsmidt Styling: Mette Helena Rasmussen
sq Junckers Hexparket by Carpenter CPH & Hartmann (lifestyle 1) low res
Junckers new Hexparket by CarpEnter CPH & Hartmann Photo: Tia Borgsmidt Styling: Mette Helena Rasmussen
sq Junckers Hexparket by Carpenter CPH & Hartmann (lifestyle 2 - portrait) low res
Junckers new Hexparket by CarpEnter CPH & Hartmann Photo: Tia Borgsmidt Styling: Mette Helena Rasmussen
sq Junckers Hexparket by Carpenter CPH & Hartmann (table-portrait) low res
Junckers new Hexparket by CarpEnter CPH & Hartmann Photo: Tia Borgsmidt Styling: Mette Helena Rasmussen
Square grading shot hexparket
Junckers new Hexparket by CarpEnter CPH & Hartmann Photo: Tia Borgsmidt

Junckers Wins Installation of the Year

We are absolutely delighted to be the proud winners of the CFJ/ CFA Installation of the Year Award 2017. The project, Prince Edward Hall, University of Hertfordshire which includes flooring as well as wall and ceilings covered in our solid Beech, was installed by our Approved Contractor PICA Floorings, to exacting standards.

We are honoured to receive this prestigious industry award and would like to thank the CFJ/CFA judging panel and PICA Floorings, whose expertise and professionalism installing our solid hardwood floors made this exceptional project such a success.

Over 1100m2 of Junckers timber was fitted in the newly built campus reception, learning zone and café area. The extended and re-modelled scheme takes the form of a ‘granite box’, which appears to be inserted into the existing building structure on a juxtaposing plane. Drawing on current design principles for creating new work spaces, the new addition to the university incorporates plenty of collaborative work spaces as well as informal areas to offer a range of options for when, where and how to work and relax. The interior design scheme plays an important part, using a mix of materials, where the natural feel of solid wood takes centre stage.

The interior is lined with our Beech Harmony on the floor while Beech SylvaKet clads the ceiling and the walls. The solid wood provides durable and easy to maintain surfaces which are ideal for high-traffic areas. The two types of wood add natural warmth and texture to the open plan spaces and complement each other beautifully. Beech is a light coloured timber with a golden grain pattern also present in Beech SylvaKet, which has been vacuum fumed for a darker, honey coloured appearance. Both can be sanded and refinished without loss of colour. As a natural, living material, solid wood creates an ideal indoor climate, naturally retaining heat, maintaining an even temperature and balanced humidity levels.

Flooring contractor: PICA Floorings Ltd


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All photography Jake Fitzjones


Junckers HertfordshireUni_LowResJpg-3
Junckers solid beech, Prince Edward Hall, Hertfordshire University. Photo: Jake Fitzjones
Junckers HertfordshireUni_LowResJpg-6
Junckers solid beech, Prince Edward Hall, Hertfordshire University. Photo: Jake Fitzjones
Junckers HertfordshireUni_LowResJpg-7
Junckers solid beech, Prince Edward Hall, Hertfordshire University. Photo: Jake Fitzjones
Junckers HertfordshireUni_LowResJpg-9
Junckers solid beech, Prince Edward Hall, Hertfordshire University. Photo: Jake Fitzjones
Junckers HertfordshireUni_LowResJpg-11
Junckers solid beech, Prince Edward Hall, Hertfordshire University. Photo: Jake Fitzjones
Junckers HertfordshireUni_LowResJpg-12
Junckers solid beech, Prince Edward Hall, Hertfordshire University. Photo: Jake Fitzjones

Junckers Solid Hardwood Floors & Retractable Seating Systems

Our Technical Service Manager Richard Aylen’s expertise when it comes to combining our solid hardwood floors with retractable seating systems is second to none. Find out what to bear in mind and how installing one can be a lucrative investment.


Retractable seating offers schools and universities more flexible use of their halls and significantly increases opportunities for lettings and generation of income. The benefits of installing a retractable seating system are numerous: schools are able to stage their own performing arts productions in a more professional way with the audience having a better view that sitting on chairs “on the flat”; retractable seating can transform a sports hall into a lecture theatre or more flexible teaching space, both for school/university use and as a hire facility. The potential to generate income by letting the space to outside organisations for arts, sports and other events is usually a lucrative prospect and schools and universities usually see a quick return on investment.

Increasing numbers of clients who are fitting new flooring are opting to install retractable seating systems in their multi-purpose and activity halls. Therefore, the choice of flooring is very important so as to ensure that the surface will not be damaged and the floor is sufficiently loadbearing. Junckers floors have been proven over several decades to be very suitable for this type of use and we use our extensive experience to give the client valuable and well place advice on how to partner the floor system with their choice of retractable seating.


Types of Seating Systems

There are two main types of retractable seating system – fixed and mobile. Fixed systems, which are by far the most popular, are attached to the wall and extended out from the wall when needed. The seating is folded back against the wall when not in use. Fully mobile systems may be stored in a separate area, if full and unrestricted use of the hall is needed. Mobile systems offer the most versatility as they can be located anywhere in the hall, which means that the client can place the seats in one location e.g. for a drama production, and a different one for a basketball tournament for example.

A third option, but only rarely used because of the cost, are so-called air castors. These are used with fully mobile systems and use a cushion of air to move the seating unit around. They spread the seating load very evenly across the floor.


Benefits of Using Junckers Solid Hardwood Flooring

There are thousands of square metres of Junckers solid hardwood flooring in daily use with retractable seating, in buildings ranging from community centres, schools and colleges, through to Olympic venues.

Junckers offers a huge range of solid hardwood flooring, the majority of which may be used together with retractable seating. This versatility stems from the fact that there are a number of Junckers sub floor systems and installation methods to choose from, and so it is usually possible to find a great match between the hardwood flooring, the seating system, and what the client is looking for.

With a Junckers flooring system, there is no need to worry that the “sprung” quality of the sports, dance or performance floor will be disabled by adding strengthening which makes the floor completely rigid under foot. Junckers has extensive technical expertise in this area and, although the sprung batten system may need to be strengthened, it is possible to do this and to leave the sprung quality of the floor unaffected. It is not unusual for under floor heating to be needed as well, and it is possible also to include this beneath the floor boards, again leaving the “sprung” quality of the floor intact.

The surface of a Junckers sealed hardwood floor is very resistant to the type of wear and tear which may occur with retractable seating systems. Seating wheels will not mark or indent the Junckers floor whereas vinyl and other synthetic floors are often impossible to use because the wheels cause permanent “tracking” marks and scuffs. Some types of engineered hardwood floors may initially be OK if a retractable seating system is built upon them, but in the longer term the high loads may cause the core material of the engineered board to deteriorate and the boards will fail.

At Junckers we are able to assess the loads the seating unit will impose on the floor and from this we can offer a suitable design for the complete hardwood floor system- and we will guarantee the results. Many of the sports and performance floor suppliers in the UK are unable to offer equivalent guarantees and technical service, and in fact many do not have direct manufacturer representation in the UK.

Junckers at BBC Wales auditoriumJunckers at BBC Wales courtesy of Capita Architecture 1Junckers at BBC Wales courtesy of Capita Architecture 2Junckers at BBC Wales courtesy of Capita Architecture 3Junckers at BBC Wales courtesy of Capita Architecture 6

Junckers solid hardwood flooring installed with retractable seating at BBC Auditorium, Wales. Images courtesy of Capita Architecture

EFA to Change Set Specification for PSBP2

Phase one of the Government’s £4.4 billion Priority School Building Programme (PSBP), to rebuild and refurbish school buildings in the worst conditions across the UK, is well under way with the final school due to open at the end of 2017. The second phase, encompassing 277 schools, will start later this year.

An essential part of the scheme is to rebuild and refurbish the sports facilities of the identified schools. The Education Funding Agency (EFA) sets a recommended specification for rebuilds and refurbishments. For sports flooring, the EFA specified Point Elastic Floors for PBSP1, phase one of the programme. Following studies and further research, the EFA no longer uphold their specification recommendations for sports flooring and the specification will change to Area Elastic Floors, having identified Point Elastic Floors as inadequate.

Since PSB1 was launched the EFA has amended its position on which sports floors fall within their acceptable design criteria. Although solid wood sports floors have always been regarded as a high quality choice, they have previously thought to be too expensive. In the past year, Junckers’ Technical Department has worked closely with the EFA to show how a solid hardwood sports floors will provide a safe, high performing floors with unbeatable lifecycle costs that will indeed fall within, and in some areas exceed the EFA’s requirements. This has resulted in the EFA changing their design standards for PSBP2.

A Junckers solid hardwood sports floor is one of the most durable surfaces available for multi purpose sports use. All Junckers’ sports floors comply with EN 14904 with a choice of Category A3 and A4 systems. The A4 classification in fact exceeds the EFA’s minimum performance requirement. The lifecycle cost of a Junckers floor is second to none; can be sanded and re-finished eight to ten times during its life. With 12-year intervals between sandings, a typical lifespan of 60 years will comfortably be exceeded, a claim that probably no other type of sports floor can match. Compared with a typical 15-year life of a synthetic or “engineered” floor there really is no comparison in terms of life cycle cost. Taking advantage of Junckers’ Approved Contractors maintenance scheme ensures periodic inspections of the floor are made. The client will also receive regular advice on care and cleaning using Junckers’ comprehensive range of high quality, professional maintenance products. This will keep the floor in optimum condition throughout its life.

A hardwood floor is one of the most environmentally friendly sports floor finishes you could hope to find. All Junckers’ timber is from properly managed forests with FSC and PEFC chain of custody certification. Timber is harvested from old, established forest areas, which are constantly replanted. Junckers floors are BREEAM A+ rated in the BRE Green Guide and have EMAS 111 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification. In addition, Junckers’ products have low (E1) formaldehyde emissions under EN 14342. All Junckers floors are carbon neutral and at the end of their lives they are very easy to recycle, in contrast to materials made from fossil fuels.

Having the facility to use retractable seating in a school sports hall can make a substantial difference to hosting events, competitions or using the hall as a hire facility to the wider community. Junckers’ flooring systems are perfectly suited for use with retractable seating; hundreds of examples in the UK alone are testament to this fact. Junckers floors can be strengthened in a simple way to cope perfectly with very high seating loads, whilst leaving the sprung quality of the floor unaffected. A solid hardwood floor will not be marked or damaged by the wheels, and surface “tracking” or rucking, commonly seen with synthetic surfaces, is non-existent with a Junckers floor.

A safe, high performing sports floor with the right environmental accreditations and unbeatable lifecycle costs which falls within the EFA’s guidelines and the criteria for Affordable Sports Floors set by Sport England – a Junckers sports floor is hard to beat.

Highgate Shool, London, United Kingdom. Architect: Architype Limited, 2016.



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